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Week 11: E-mail Marketing

The lecture was very informative for me. I found the investment stat and return of $1 equating to about $44 interesting. I also did not consider that standard e-mail service is inadequate for business marketing/newsletter purposes.

I think initially a quarterly e-mail would make sense. Each one would be themed around the seasons. I think this would make sense as my business is a fruit and vegetable product. Seasons also affect travel and outdoor activities which pertains greatly to my target market. This theme lends many interesting and relative topics for my business. I think for the first year or 2 the e-mails would include a lot of information about our milestones, updated info about where we sell and new products. Eventually I'd like to expand to online sales, when I have the space and equipment to do so. At that point the e-mail marketing would be more critical I think, as well as require greater frequency, promotions etc.

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