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Week 17: Wrap Up

My use of Social Media over this semester went from pretty much none, to some, to actually looking forward to doing a lot more. As I mention in week 16, I had never used Twitter before and am pleasantly surprised that I intend to utilize it for my business quite regularly. I did like Instagram before this class but am more motivated to utilize it, as there is so much potential there. I feel that Instagram compliment each other. Where one lacks the other performs. By this I mean that if I have a certain message, or content I want to get to my audience, one of those 2 platforms will work well, if not both.
There has not been an impact to my business but that doe not really mean anything as I have not yet allowed the opportunity for any impact. As I mentioned before, I need to create content, make a schedule and be consistent. However, I absolutely believe there will be impact and am excited to see how that goes.
I would say I recognized the importance of social media in business before th…

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